Membrane virology of viral infection

Petr Chlanda

Department of Infectious Diseases, Virology

Im Neuenheimer Feld 267

69120 Heidelberg, Germany

We are interested in studying how viruses interact with cellular membranes and lipids during infection. We use cryo-electron microscopy techniques in conjunction with other imaging methods, such as fluorescence microscopy and imaging mass spectrometry, to structurally characterize influenza A and Ebola virus protein-membrane interactions during entry.

We study how membrane enveloped viruses such as influenza A virus, Ebola virus and SARS-CoV-2 interact with host membranes during their replication. Influenza A virus and Ebola virus form long filamentous virions that must enter the host cell and undergo membrane fusion in order to establish an infection. The mechanism of IAV and Ebola virus disassembly and membrane fusion are not completely understood and have not been structurally analyzed inside the cells. In addition, we are interested how these viruses shape cellular membranes during viral assembly and genome incorporation. We apply a cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy workflow and cryo-electron tomography to provide structural details of pivotal viral replication steps such as membrane fusion, viral genome nucleocapsid organization, and virus assembly.

Figure legend:

SARS-CoV-2 assembly in infected cells by in cellulo cryo-electron tomography (Klein, Cortese, Winter, et al, Nat Commun, 2020)

Figure legend:

Architecture of pulmonary lamellar bodies by in cellulo cryo-electron tomography (Klein, Wimmer, et al, Commun Biol, 2021)

Figure legend:

Dual-axis Volta phase plate cryo-electron tomography of Ebola virus-like particles (Winter, al, JSB, 2021)

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