Long- and Short-Term Fellowships for Research Group Leaders

Applications are open to junior scientists (up to 40 years of age) at the University of Heidelberg who fulfill the criteria for an appointment as professor and have successfully led an independent research group. The Foundation provides the group leader's salary. 

A single pdf file of the application (11-point-type) should be submitted via email to

  • Work plan (five pages for long-term fellowship applications and two pages for short-term fellowship applications, 1.5 line spacing).
  • Summary of current scientific achievements (one page).
  • Confirmation of laboratory space and basic equipment.
  • CV (one - two pages).
  • List of publications (divided into original papers and reviews, omit meeting abstracts and talks).
  • Prizes and awards.
  • Third-party funding (submitter, funding organization, duration, amount).
  • Composition of the workgroup including financing for workgroup members.
  • Signed privacy policy statement (Download here)

Please, no reprints, preprints or academic certificates.