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Funding Programmes

A variety of funding opportunities are available to establish research teams as well as to support individual researchers with strong academic records in the form of fellowships and stipends. The Foundation emphasises gender balance in science.

Schaller Research Groups

Five Schaller Research Groups were established at Heidelberg University between October 2011 and April 2012, following a call for proposals from internationally-known scientists working in neurobiology and virology.

Additional four CHS-Groups were funded and will start in Heidelberg in Fall 2017.

The Annual Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award 

This annual award of 100,000 € is offered to young scientists carrying out research of biomedical relevance in Heidelberg. The prize money of 90,000 € is for research purposes with the remaining 10,000 € for use at the recipient's discretion.

The 2017 Award ceremony will be held on February 5, 16:00h

Click here to download the announcement flyer.

Nominations for the Chica and Heinz Schaller Endowed Chair

The Foundation invites nominations for outstanding biomedical scientists with a high-level track record for an endowed chair at Heidelberg University.

Long- and Short-Term Fellowships for Non-Tenured Research Group Leaders

Long-term fellowships are awarded for up to three years. Short-term fellowships are awarded for six to nine months, and in exceptional cases for up to one year.

Seminars and Workshops

Financial support is available for management and coordination of seminars and workshops.